Virtual Consultations

In addition to in person consultations at one of our clinics, DKOS is available for virtual consultations to help ensure you are pain free and training at your best.

Virtual Running Shoe Consultation


Are you having trouble finding the right running shoe? We can help. Our virtual consultation can help you find the perfect shoe for your situation; whether you're an elite runner, recreational walker, or someone who wears running shoes for work, this service will set you up to improve your performance or your daily life.

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Virtual Leg & Foot Pain Consultation


Do you have a foot or leg injury? Pain in your foot or leg when you stand, walk or run? If so, a Virtual Leg and Foot Pain Consultation is the first step in getting back to your normal activities, pain free.

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Virtual Running Assessment


Have pain when you run? Want to improve your running form and performance? We can help. Our Virtual Running Assessment is perfect for anyone looking for a professional assessment of their running form, whether a seasoned runner or someone who is just starting out.

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Virtual Orthotics Consultation

Are your shoes giving you the support you need? Whether you're looking to reduce pain, or improve performance, a custom fit orthotic can help you find the perfect fit. Start with a safe virtual assessment from home, and we will design and manufacture orthotics built just for you. Find out what a difference a properly fitted orthotic can make.