Custom Skate Orthotics

Improve your stability, edge control, and increase power to the ice with custom skate orthotics.

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Explosive leg power is one of the key components in developing an efficient skating stride. If your body's ability to properly harness that burst of power is compromised, it can greatly affect performance, and increase your risk of injury.

Proper foot mechanics are essential in distributing power from your legs more evenly, giving you increased edge control and stability on skates.

Works with your body


A skate orthotic will control your foot and ankle, helping to keep them in a neutral position. This lets the forces from your legs travel down through your foot, and on to your skate more efficiently. If your feet aren't aligned, this takes away your body's ability to effectively control skate edges. Using orthotic inserts lets your foot work with your skate, improving your ability to effectively control directional changes and transfer power to your skates.

Orthotic Design


Custom skate orthotics are specially made to remain thin, and align your foot and skate during acceleration and change-of-direction phases.

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How to tell if you might benefit from custom skate orthotics:

  • Difficulty turning in one direction 
  • Struggling to hold an inside or outside edge
  • Weak crossovers
  • Chronic knee or low back pain
  • Repeated groin pulls