Custom Orthotics for the Court

Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Squash

Custom orthotics for the court help deliver power through your feet and right to the court, improving your ability to start, stop, and change direction.

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Powerful starts and stops are key to court sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, and squash. If that stop/start can't be properly harnessed because your ankle or foot aren't aligned properly, your performance will suffer and you may be more susceptible to injury.

Works with your body to raise the level of your game

An orthotic to keep your ankle and foot neutral lets you drive leg power through your feet, right to the court, for the most powerful, efficient movement possible.

Orthotics can also decrease “hot spots” and will help reduce muscle fatigue throughout your lower body, leading to lower risk of an injury.

Orthotic Design


Every court sport is different, and every orthotic we make is different. What they have in common is that they all need to be highly resistant to abrasion. Custom orthotics give your forefoot stability during the changes of direction, starts, and stops, while providing shock absorption during landing and running to keep you playing your best.

Brandon Koppers

Professional Volleyball Player

Brandon uses his DKOS court orthotic to help him harness the extreme force and power involved in the outside hitter position while playing professional volleyball in Poland. The orthotic is used to help guide his foot, ankle and leg through the most neutral and efficient manner possible to allow his body to use all of the explosive power generated by his muscles for each and every jump.

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Superior Shock Absorption

D3O Orthotics

D3O Orthotics

Superior Shock Absorption

DKOS uses D3O for the best shock absportion and cushioning in your orthotics. D3O is the thinnest and most advanced protection on the market. 

D3O is the secret ingredient found in a wide range of products including helmets, gloves and other protective gear used around the world by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers and motorcyclists. Now you can get that same protection for your feet.

How to tell if you might benefit from custom basketball, tennis, volleyball, or squash orthotics: 

  • Hot spots on your feet during games
  • Shin splints or pain along the inside or outside of your shin bone
  • Pain in or around your big toe, arch, or heel
  • Chronic knee or lower back pain
  • Struggles to cut effectively in both directions