DK Orthotic Solutions is a certified Orthotics clinic in Ancaster, Ontario

We specialize in custom made, and sport specific orthotics to help you perform better, no matter your sport.

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Our orthotics are designed for athletes, by athletes. We bike, run, ski, golf, and most of all, we understand the demands sports have on the body, and how important it is to have a good base.

Drew Korzeniowski

BSc, Human Kinetics, Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Drew has been making orthotics for the past 15 years, and founded DK Orthotic Solutions in 2009 to help his clients find their peak performance ability.

Through a combination of orthotic design, as well as strength training and treatment plans, Drew sets his clients up to promote maximal muscle efficiency, no matter their sport.

In his spare time, Drew is an active runner, triathlete, and mountain biker, and enjoys competing in a variety of sports.

Official Orthotic Provider For

Hamilton Ti-Cats Orthotics Provider
McMaster University Orthotics Provider
LPC Triathlon Club Orthotics Provider