Custom Orthotics for the Field

Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, Football

Custom orthotics for the field help you deliver power through your feet, improving your ability to start, stop, and change direction.

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Explosive leg power is one of the key components in field sports like football, soccer, baseball, and rugby. If that stop/start can't be properly harnessed because your ankle or foot aren't aligned properly, your performance will suffer and you may be more susceptible to injury.

Works with your body


orthotics for your cleats support and guide your foot and ankle, helping keeping them in a neutral position. This position allows the forces produced by your legs to run through your feet and to the ground, to give you a more powerful running stride.

Orthotic Design


Using a custom cleat orthotic will help your foot work with your cleat, to stay in the best position, which lets your body work more efficiently and effectively. Orthotics can also lead to a decrease in “hot spots”, and will help lower muscle fatigue throughout your lower body, leading to less chance of injury.

The materials in custom cleat orthotics are made to be thin, but provide reinforcements to guide your foot as you take off, and change direction. It's specially designed forefoot pad protects, and provides superior shock absorption during breaking and landing.

Mike Daly

Safety for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

To help Mike perform at this best on the football field, DKOS outfits Mike with custom orthotics, specifically designed for his cleats. These orthotics help him harness the explosive power and movements required during intense acceleration and change of direction phases while playing football.

Off the field Mike uses his DKOS training orthotics to help provide the optimal blend of support and dynamic movement to allow him to move efficiently through a wide range of exercises and movements.

While not training or on the field, Mike uses DKOS recovery orthotics to help his muscles recover faster by decreasing stress and strain to already overworked muscles, allowing him to be better prepared for the next game!

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How to tell if an orthotic in your cleat might benefit you:

  • 'Hot spots' on your feet while wearing cleats
  • Shin splints or pain along the inside or outside of your shin bone
  • Pain in or around your big toe, arch, or heel
  • Challenges cutting effectively side to side or weakened ability to change directions
  • Chronic knee pain
  • Low back pain