Making Your Custom Orthotics

Here's what to expect when you visit DKOS

Orthotics are an easy way to reduce pain, and improve performance, and are often covered by your insurance provider.

Drew and his team of professionals at DK Orthotic Solutions are here to guide you every step of the way.

Initial Assessment

  • History - we start by reviewing any factors that may be contributing to an injury and get an idea of your level of training and competition
  • Biomechanical exam - to get an idea of how you are put together
  • Functional tests - to review your mechanics as you go through a series of specific tests based on your sport, history, and muscle health
  • Gait or video run analysis - we review your walking or running mechanics to look for abnormalities which may contribute to injury or inefficiency

Orthotic Moulding Process

  • We capture a 3D image of your foot to properly design an orthotic to work for you
  • We pick the right moulding process for you based on your foot type, shape, condition and many other factors
  • We use the moulding process that we feel will yield the best image of your foot, therefore yielding the best orthotic, this includes foam box, plaster cast, and 3D laser scans

Picking Up your new orthotics 

  • Orthotics take anywhere from 1 to 14 days for us to custom make
  • When you come in to pick up your orthotics we will check the fit on your foot while standing, walking and in action to make sure it works under pressure
  • You bring the shoes/footwear you will use the orthotics in to have them properly fit to the footwear
  • We encourage you to break them in and see how they help to reduce pain and increase performance. DKOS orthotics typically have a much shorter break in than traditional orthotics. 

Follow Up

  • Once you've broken in your new orthotics, we ask you to come back to the office 2 weeks later for your first follow up check
  • At this appointment, we look at wear patterns on the orthotic, along with how it feels on your foot, and what is happening to any pain symptoms you might have been experiencing before
  • From there, we can tweak the fit as needed to ensure it's working as well as it should

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Aren't orthotics just for running?

I get this question all the time. Most runners know the importance of a good orthotic to reduce pain or injury, and to provide support and strength, no matter your level of performance, but many people are surprised to learn how a custom made orthotic can benefit them in other sports as well.

Your foot is placed under a lot of stress during sport, and over time that stress can cause issue.

Our team includes people experienced in most sports, including biking or cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, rugby, and triathlons. We understand the demands these activities have on your body, and we are here to find a custom orthotic to help.