Due to the continued COVID-19 outbreak, DKOS has had to postpone all of our in person appointments until Monday May, 4th.  If you are currently waiting to pick up orthotics, we will be contacting and mailing these out to people in the very near future.  If you have any foot pain or other questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will do our best to help in anyway we can.  Stay safe.

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Your foot moves differently during sport, why shouldn’t your orthotic?

You wouldn't run in ski boots, and you wouldn't play basketball in cleats, so why would you use the same orthotic for both? The footwear you use for running and sports are specifically designed to help you perform your best Pairing those with a custom-made, sport-specific orthotic can help take you to the next level.

Why a sport-specific orthotic?

During running and sport, your foot behaves like a spring. It absorbs the force of you landing and then springs back to return energy into your stride or movement. An orthotic designed specifically for sport or activity needs to be designed to reflect this type of movement. If an orthotic is made out of a rigid, non-moving piece of plastic, this takes away your foot's natural spring-like ability, and this often results in pain, and a much less efficient movement pattern.

Better Layering

DKOS orthotics are designed with more resins and carbon fibres than most orthotics. The volume, along with the structure of these materials is specific to each orthotic. This allows them to have support and strength, but it also allows them to behave dynamically.


Your foot is designed to work like a spring, and our orthotics are designed to work with your foot, not change it. This means it's more comfortable, and is more effective when worn for performance.


Our orthotics are customized to your sport or activity, your biomechanics, your movement patterns, the strength of your muscles, the footwear you use, along with many other factors. No two orthotics are created the same.

Sport Specific Orthotics

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For athletes, by athletes

Drew Korzeniowski

Our orthotics are designed for athletes, by athletes. We run, jump, bike, skate, ski, and hike. We understand the demands placed on an athlete's body. 

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