DK Orthotic Solutions is a sports pedorthic company serving the Hamilton and surrounding area. We are focused on working with active populations which are eager and committed to recovering, maintaining and improving their athletic performance and/or physical well-being.

We achieve this by using orthotic and footwear solutions to maximize the efficiency of your muscles during activity and promoting maximal levels of recovery during rest.


At DK Orthotic Solutions, we strive to be different from other orthotic providers in designing our orthotics and treatment plans specific to each person and their activity.

An orthotic for a running shoe is designed much differently than an orthotic to be used in a cleat or cycling shoe, and this is different from an orthotic designed for rest or recovery from a specific injury.

In order to receive maximum benefit from your orthotic, it needs to be designed specifically for an individual’s activity, condition and shoe.


At DKOS, we provide complete and comprehensive treatment plans, including solutions for sport, activity and recovery. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or someone looking to get out and walk more, DK Orthotic Solutions is there to help you.

We employ a proactive approach in order to keep our clients at their best, so they can enjoy living an active, pain-free lifestyle, be it participating in recreational sports or activities, or training with specific goals in mind.