Virtual Running Shoe Consultation


Are you having trouble finding the right running shoe? We can help. Our virtual consultation can help you find the perfect shoe for your situation; whether you're an elite runner, recreational walker, or someone who wears running shoes for work, this service will set you up to improve your performance or your daily life.

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What is a Virtual Shoe Consultation, and who is it for?

What is it?

This is a consultation where we look at your foot type, running or walking style, current training/activity levels and your price range, and provide you with shoe options we think would be best for you!

Who is it for?

The Virtual Shoe consultation is for someone who doesn’t have pain when they run or walk but is looking for direction on which shoe would be right for them. Anyone can benefit from this service - from elite althletes to recreational walkers.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Shoe Consultation?

With the Virtual Shoe Consultation you get a comprehensive understanding of your foot type and shape while walking, standing, and in other situations that are unique to you. We use this information along with your criteria (activity levels, price range, etc) and provide you with a list of 3-4 different shoes that will work best for you. 

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How do I get a Virtual Shoe Consultation?

  1. Once you've purchased your consultation, you'll receive a questionnaire. (just some questions and videos of you moving around!)
  2. Once you've filled out the questionnaire, we will email you back with your list of shoes along with information about your feet and walking and/or running stride.