Virtual Running Assessment


Have pain when you run? Want to improve your running form and performance? We can help. Our Virtual Running Assessment is perfect for anyone looking for a professional assessment of their running form, whether you're a seasoned runner or someone who is just starting out.

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What is a Virtual Running Assessment, and who is it for?

What is it?

We look at your unique alignment, muscle strengths/weaknesses and running patterns, then give you a list of points to work on, regarding your run form. Our recommendations will consist of points that we think will help reduce your pain and/or improve your stride efficiency.

Who is it for?

The virtual running assessment is designed for someone who wants professional feedback on their running form and how to improve their stride efficiency. The virtual running assessment is also for someone who has pain while they run and are looking for direction on what they can do to help reduce this pain.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Running Assessment?

We will provide you with recommendations on what you can do immediately to help with your efficiency, form, or pain. This may include what shoes to use, what speed, mileage, terrain to focus on, and other treatments you can do yourself to help your condition. You will get recommendations on what shoes we feel would work best for you during running, based on your stride, mechanics and muscle strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, we provide you with recommendations on products or services that may help you with any pain you might have. This may include certain types of shoes, orthotics, compression wear, other pedorthic options or other healthcare provider services.

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How do I get a Virtual Running Assessment?

  1. Once you've purchased your assessment, you'll receive a questionnaire. (just some questions and videos of you moving around!)
  2. Then we'll book your 30 minute consultation. We’ll share with you a breakdown of your running form, including areas that are working well and areas for improvement. We’ll talk about how to implement these changes and what improvements in your running you can