What Materials Does DKOS Use To Make Their Custom-Made Orthotics?
Did You Know that DKOS is Powered by D3O Technology?

DKOS uses the best materials on the market to design our custom-made orthotics. To do this, we are proud of our partnership with UK-based materials company, D3O.  D3O is a premium brand and innovator of impact protection and shock absorption solutions.  They develop unique, high performance impact protection technologies that are used by global brands in not only orthotics but other sports gear, electronics, motorcycle, defense and industrial workwear as well.

The Science Behind D3O Technologies

D3O’s material scientists carefully tune unique polymer blends to achieve specific properties of the most advanced technology for custom-made orthotics, such as: temperature stability, abrasion resistance, flexibility, high energy return and the best shock absorption. D3O’s orthotic material formulas are uniquely developed to meet the specific needs of diverse demographics and a wide range of product applications, such as running, walking, football, hockey, hiking and snow sports, just to name a few.

Usain Bolt

Today, D3O continues to pioneer and innovate, providing ground-breaking impact protection solutions for world renowned sporting brands and athletes.  Did you know that the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, wears insoles powered by D3O technology? Enough said.

Powered by D3O technologies, let DKOS transcend your expectations and deliver dynamic results: